Atomika badator!

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KOKEIN Atomika (2022, CD/LP/Digital)

ATOMIKA, the seventh reference in our discography. In this album of 8 songs, we have been exploring new paths and sounds, as seen and heard in the song of progress in Looking at the Mirror.
The album will be released physically in CD and LP formats and will be available on all platforms.

This time Ritxi Ostariz was responsible for the cover and design of the album. It was he who gave shape to the spirit of ATOMIKA.
Zuma photographer Eva Franco, on the other hand, perfectly combined the group with ATOMIKA, taking the idea of the album one step further.

This is the album cover and track list:

01. Argirik Gabe Dantzan
02. Ispiluari Begiratzean (ft Kiliki Frexko (Chill Mafia))
03. Unea (ft Juanjo Ezpalak)
04. Ferpektua
05. Eztanda (ft Miren Narbaiza)
06. Esan
07. Handiena
08. Kamelien Dama

At the 57th Durango Fair in Auten, they will present their new songs live for the first time, then to start the presentation tour in 2023.